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COSTA RICA Spring Break 2014

Surf Academy has a very exciting trip coming up to Costa Rica April 9-17! We have invited families to join us to explore this magical country and ride some of the best waves of their lives! ***There is still time to get in on this trip if you are interested! email me ASAP***

I have been to Costa Rica 6 times, I obviously love it, and it's taken me several times to get it just right... the right amount of sunscreen, bug repellent, etc... So I'm sharing my packing list with you! Download it HERE!

A few noteables:

You don't need to worry about forgetting something unless it is very specific surf item (luckily a lot of us are going and we can share things). If you are bringing your own boards for instance... don't forget to pack your straps in an easy to find spot! Toiletries and health related supplies are easy to get. You just might not find the brand you're looking for at a price you want to pay!

Costa Rica is humid so you need to think about staying dry & keeping your things dry. You will need to hang things up when it's hot and sunny and take them down at night or when it starts feeling damp. If you get into your rental car wet then you will most likely have a wet seat for your entire trip. NOT FUN!!!

The SUN!!!! It's so strong, so bring your sunscreen and wear a long sleeve rash guard in the water. The water is warm, your sessions will last longer, you will not get as tired and you will forget to re-apply sunscreen. My go to face stick is VERTRA! GET SOME so I don't have to share! HAT and SUNGLASSES too!

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